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Abstract painting

An abstract painting gives you space to dream and to put in your own feeling. If you have a painting made this gives you even more freedom because you can choose your own favourite colours and style.

Earth without art is just Eh


Waves made far at sea. A small breeze can cause a small ripple. That ripple grows into a wave. Such wave currents can be unhindered by land growing into a huge wave. Only when the gulf stream encounters shallow water does the lower part of the water slow down. The top is the water moves, the water drags and turns.

Isn’t that a nice metaphor for obstacles that you encounter in life?

A small ripple becomes a big wave, the flow accelerates and everything navigates one way, an obstacle, you go over it, you fly, you float … or you fall. You come down to earth, sometimes sobered and realistic, often wiser and richer. After which you go again in the big stream. And everything flows. I have translated this feeling into paintings in the Atlas of the Ocean collection.


tlas of the Ocean is a collection of works that all have a relationship with the greatness and power of the ocean.

The work gives a feeling of freedom and connectedness and seeks the connection with greater power. The name Atlas refers to Greek mythology where Atlas was given the task of ensuring that the Earth (Gaia) and the heavens (Uranus) could not reach each other. The oceans on earth ensure that all continents are connected to each other and connect many deeper layers of the earth.

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A creative mind is stubborn, inquisitive, does not give up easily, makes discoveries and is open to new inspiration.

You are not only creative if you can draw well or draw something photorealistic. Creativity is in your head. It is a way of thinking. It can sometimes take a while before the flame turns into a bonfire, but everyone can open up to think creatively.

As humanity, we have come quite far by approaching every challenge or obstacle in a creative way. Einstein said it already: “The real characteristic of intelligence is not knowledge, but imagination.” Whether you are creative by inventing sliced ​​bread or giving someone (or yourself) a good feeling by making a beautiful drawing or painting that doesn’t matter…


Favorite colors:

Prussian blue & Turquoise

Guilty pleasure:

Homemade nachos with cheese

Dream vacation:


Artist crush:

Rothko, Turner, Barnett Newman, Caspar David Friedrich

Favorite relaxation:

Painting, yoga and walking

Impossible challenge:

Going to bed on time; late night creative brain waves!

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