“A painting is not a picture of an experience, but it is the experience.”― Mark Rothko

laura van de wiel

Laura van de Wiel

I have little to do with haughty art. And that you can only understand art if you know studied art or are an artist.

Sometimes it may seem complicated to have an artwork made or to make art yourself, but it doesn’t have to be.

For me, art can evoke an experience, and it can be very personal. Art can make you feel something, experience something, be part of something larger than yourself. My mission is to give everyone a sense of belonging, the feeling that you are part of something that is greater than you.

I do this by creating inspiring artworks.

I also organize workshops in my studio where the participants experience that you can create something very beautiful with simple tools. Creativity is an essential part of who we are as a person. It distinguishes us from a robot’s way of life.

That’s why one of my motto’s is: “Earth without art is just Eh.”

Look at art

Art is the lie that enables us to realize the truth

Laura van  de Wiel

Artist and teacher Laura van de Wiel (1986) lives and works in Breda.

“I picked the name LauwPauw for my art business because in Dutch the word “Pauw” means Peacock. And I think we artist, and all humans, should show off all of our pretty colours!

In my fluid-art, I try to capture the feeling that you are a small and important part of a bigger power or life force. So you feel you can lose yourself in “the bigger picture” and still be able to see all the details on a micro-level. ”

The combination between this micro and the macro world can be discovered in the paintings in fluid art acrylics or resin, but also in jewelry, other beautiful art objects, and framed prints.

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